Tip: Memorize the Competences

Over the years, I have found I had trouble memorising the competencies. What's measured in the group exercise? What's important in the structured interview? I didn't knew. The other day I found a pretty simple way to get the competencies: make up words with them. For example, at the group exercise, following competencies are measured:

  • Prioritising and Organising
  • Resilience
  • Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Working with Others
  • Learning and Development

Now, if you've noticed, the order is not the same as in EPSO. Also, getting the initials off each competency you'll obtain PRAWL. Nice word, pretty easy to remember. The same way, you get CAPeD for the case study (where the "e" is ignored) and DLC RW for the structured interview. Well, DLC RW makes sense for me because I'm IT. You may want to make up other word 🙂